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Key Stage 2

Transition Books for new classes 2017/18

          Transition Book To Class 1                                                Transition Book To Class 8                     

          Transition Book To Class 2                                                Transition Book To Class 9

          Transition Book To Class 3                                                Transition Book To Class 10

          Transition Book To Class 4                                                Transition Book To Class 11

          Transition Book To Class 5                                                Transition Book To Class 12

          Transition Book To Class 6                                                Transition Book To Class 13

          Transition Book To Class 7                                                Transition Book To Class 14

Monitoring Inspection Visit Report 24th May 2017 click here

Letter to parents from Mark Westmoreland, Headteacher, regarding the Visit Report

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Welcome to the Water Leys Primary School website

 At Water Leys Primary School we are responsible for educating children from FS2 (aged 4) to Year 6 (11 year olds). With the recent reorganisation of schools in the Wigston area, we are delighted that this academic year (2016-17) is the first year for many years that we have retained a Year 6 at Water Leys. 

 Our broad and balanced curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and helps equip our children with the knowledge and skills they will need for their next stage of education and beyond. In addition, all children access additional cross curricular enrichment in Forest School and Cookery sessions. This is part of what makes our school unique and distinctive. We also strive hard to develop a sense of awe and wonder in the world, and to develop the key British values: Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.

Since joining the school I have been constantly impressed by the total commitment and dedication of all children, parents and staff in striving to make Water Leys the best school it can be.

To see for yourself and to arrange a visit, please contact the school office and we’ll be happy to help. If you are considering sending your child to Water Leys, you may be interested in the latest set of results from our Parent Questionnaire.

If you are a parent of Water Leys, I am usually available at the school gate at the beginning and the end of the school day.

Learning together, learning forever!

Best wishes,

Mark Westmoreland